The case and proper rubric will be released after registration closes. Know that you are selling Gartner services to a business.

There are also pre-event requirements, just as there is in the sales cycle, so do not miss any deadlines to submit these materials or your scores will be impacted.

To get a lead on your practice and training, visit this page.

General Rubric
  • Build Rapport, gaining client interest and trust
  • Transition to a conversation to the “Discovery Phase”
  • Ask questions to understand the client’s situation
  • Ask questions to determine client’s business problems
  • Attempt to understand the implications of the unsolved problem
  • Help the client see what a solution to the problem would do for the client
  • Handle objections properly
  • Advance the sale to a natural close
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the selling company and product (see above)
  • Speak professionally and confidently (project “executive presence”)
  • The detailed rubrics will be released with the case
  • Pre-Approach Round – email and voicemail
  • Networking Round
  • Round 1: Approach
  • Round 2: Presentation
  • Round 3: ???
Additional Recognition for
  • Best Email
  • Best Voicemail
  • Overall Podium (except when it matches another podium)
  • Others recognitions when appropriate