Space is limited to 36 spots.

Registration is open!

All UF Students are welcome to compete. However, this is billed as a beginner’s competition, thus the following are not eligible:

  • Past Individual Division winners
  • Past Team division winners may not compete in the team division, but the organization may field a team with new members
  • Past First place overall
  • Those who’ve competed in intercollegiate role play competitions
  • MBA Students
  • Those with more than a year of B2B professional sales experience
  • Students who have failed to show for a previous Sales in the Swamp without contacting us.
  • If in doubt, please contact us before assuming you are or are not eligible.


  • For the competition to run, at least 35 competitors must be registered in total due to expected loss of competitors to various reasons. You are encouraged to register and plan to compete even if there’s a waitlist as competitors will always drop due to exams, illness, etc.
  • TEAMS: Due to issues in the past with teams registering and then ghosting the competition, I must have 8 teams registered and/or at least 5 teams confirmed through pre-round activities for the team division to run. Having less than five teams is problematic.